A group created especially for CSRs and Account Managers!

Our Mission: To promote networking, education, professionalism, and to advance and maintain an enlightened understanding of "people" in the insurance industry.

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So, we're in the thick of it, folks. Times are tough, premiums are playing limbo, and the market? Well, it's harder than a frozen Snickers bar. But fear not, because guess who's here to save the day?

That's right, YOU fabulous independent insurance agents!

Join us for a virtual Lunch & Learn where we'll be diving into the mystical realm of the Hard Market Toolkit. We'll equip you with the ultimate arsenal to conquer the chaos and emerge victorious in this wild insurance jungle.

Potential Topics:

  • Meet Gen Z: Your Next Customer and Colleague
  • Dealing With Generations in the Workplace
  • Client Relationship Building
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Relationships in the Workplace
  • How to Prevent a Toxic Workplace - Stop the Gossip -
  • How to Provide Five-Star Over the Top Customer Service
  • How to De-escalate a Difficult Situation
  • Listen, Acknowledge, & Appreciate - Don't Take It Personally!
  • The Perfect Submission:
    • How to Shop an Account
    • Why You Want to Write a 1.8 Mod Account
    • Negotiation Skills
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"IIPNM is committed to fostering mentorships & enhancing the success of our members who are seeking to grow, learn, & be heard within the industry. "

 - Patty Padon, IIANM President / CEO

IIPNM Advisory Board

Jennifer Beck-Herrera, EMC Insurance | Vivian Lilley, Daniels Insurance Agency | Julie Decker, Acuity Insurance | Robin Laben, HUB International | Kathleen Temple, EMC Insurance | Patty Padon, IIANM

IIPNM 2023 Speaker Series


Meet Gen Z: Your Next Customer and Colleague

January18  /  12 - 1 PM 
The 69 million young Americans born between 1997 and 2012, known as Gen Z, comprise an informed, open-minded and connected generation. They are already engaging with insurance and could be your next employee – or co-worker.

Time to get to know and understand them. Who are they and what makes them tick? What’s the best way to reach them? What are they looking for in customer experience? How can employers recruit and retain them? Tune in to the replay for a deep dive into Gen Z!

The Purpose and Power of Why Speaker

The Purpose & Power of Why

April 12  /  Noon - 1 PM
Special guest speaker, Laurie Borne, HUB International

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The Mind / Body / Health "Connection"

May 6  /  Noon - 1 PM
Special guest speaker, Tim Parenti, First Insurance Funding

Wine and Cheese Invite - Square

Wine & Cheese Networking Event with Panel Discussion

May 24  /  4:30 - 6:00PM
Come hear some new, and some old (but possibly forgotten) tips and tricks on how to use your time wisely in order to stay ahead of the game during a hard market.

We will have some very seasoned Account Managers and Leaders tell you how they do it, but also, we want you to share with the group any tips and tricks you have found to work.

This will be an informative, interactive, and FUN gathering of professionals.
Bring your colleagues or your friends, but don't miss it.
There will be door prizes, snacks, and of course, WINE!

Career Panel

FREE Live Networking Event!

August 18  /  4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Come out and get some expert career advice from experienced colleagues who have been in the field. Hear some tried-and-true lessons that they have learned along the way. Enjoy wine and cheese along with great networking!