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Earn your AIAM Designation!


Make Your CE Count for More Than Just Credits!

The AIAM Designation is designed for account managers/executives, customer service representatives, new hires, and office staff

Such an important part of understanding the insurance industry is learning how to properly manage and service your agency's book of business!

The AIAM Designation

Associate in Insurance Account Management

The comprehensive Associate in Insurance Account Management (AIAM) professional designation is the only non-technical customer service account designation approved by IIABA’s Best Practices Council.

The web-based curriculum is geared toward helping account representatives and managers obtain the needed skills to provide the best service possible to clients. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, which increases account retention. 

> What is a Professional Designation?

Designation Details

  • The AIAM designation is conferred upon candidates who complete all 12 topic areas (13 individual webinars, see to the right) and successfully pass an open-book exam with a minimum 70% score.
  • Classes are offered in a convenient webinar format. Each class is self-contained and may be taken in any order. You have access to the classes for 60 days and once you start the exam, you must complete it within 30 days. You can access your content by going to the course schedule tab.
  • You must complete all 12 topic areas (13 individual webinars) and then successfully complete (70% passing score required) the test at the end of the sessions. Once you have completed all 13 sessions, you will be guided on how to access the test.

AIAM 110 Communication Jungle / 1 CE Hour

AIAM 120 Customer Service Part 1 / 2 CE Hours

AIAM 120 Customer Service Part 2 / 2 CE Hours

AIAM 210 Time Management / 1 CE Hour

AIAM 220 Organizational Workflow / 1 CE Hour

AIAM 310 Negotiating Conflict / 2 CE Hours

AIAM 320 Professional Relationships-Customer Loyalty / 2 CE Hours

AIAM 410 How Not to Get in Trouble With Your Mouth / 2 CE Hours

AIAM 420 The Write Stuff / 1 CE Hour

AIAM 510 Politics / 1 CE Hour

AIAM 520 Agency Leadership / 2 CE Hours

AIAM 610 Ethics (is NOT approved for Ethics credits) / 2 CE Hours

AIAM 620 Changing Attitudes/Creating Opportunities / 2 CE Hours

Wow, at the end of 60 days, you will have earned 21 continuing education credits!
All that is left to complete your NM continuing education requirements is 3 hours of LIVE ETHICS credits. We also have options for you to finish those up as well.

(Please note, NO updates are required to maintain this designation)

Member: $500
Non-Member: $715

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