The state of New Mexico has contracted the company Prometric to administer all licensing exams. You must create an account on Prometric's website, then schedule your exam.

Getting Started:

Where are you testing?

The OSI and Prometric are pleased to announce the ability to schedule your New Mexico insurance exams in two ways. In a physical test center (you must create a Prometric account before you can schedule your exam) OR in a remotely proctored testing location using Prometric's ProProctor application.

Things to consider: What are the remote proctoring guidelines? 

These are the rules you will have to follow when taking the proctored test:

- Show valid ID to the proctor

- All candidates must do an environmental scan of 360 degrees around the room and under their desk with a moveable web camera

- No pets, children, or other visitors are allowed in the testing area

- No breaks allowed for insurance exams

- Area must be well lit and uncluttered

- No food or drink is allowed

- Apparel restrictions include: no large jewelry, no heavy outerwear, hooded sweatshirts, apparel with large pockets

- If wearing corrective glasses, they will need to be removed and inspected on camera

- Hair must be tucked behind ears, if applicable