New Mexico Young Agents!

Who are we?

Young Agents is a group of insurance professionals who come together to network, grow skills, and give back to our communities.

We define young agents as anyone under 40 years of age or who has been a licensed agent for less than five years. Young agents are producers or CSR's who are hoping to grow in their industry by developing business, making new connections, and participating in the future of our industry. Are you part of IIANM's Young Agents?

We are the rising leaders of our insurance community with a commitment to strengthening our ability to serve agencies and customers for years to come.

Sound like you? Join us!

Giving back to the community

Mastering the art of leadership

Access learning opportunities

Networking with IIANM Partners

Connecting with other YA's

Becoming the future of insurance

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Ad Campaigns

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Free Digital Review

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Free Marketing Training

We have many training modules available to help improve your agency

Marketing Reimbursement

Trusted Choice will reimburse a portion of expenses of co-branded agencies

Young Agents Steering Committee

Staff Chavez_Skylar - YA page

Skylar Chavez

Cress Insurance Consultants, Inc.

Menicucci_Joe Young Agents Page

Joseph Menicucci

Downey & Company
505-881-0300 x103

Stagner_Sarah-Young Agents page

Sarah Stagner

Western States Insurance Group

Chris Mitchell 2

Chris Mitchell

Western States Insurance Group

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