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Renewals & Late Fees

Renewal Fees (for individual licenses)

Renewal Period: 90 days prior to expiration date – Expiration date of license

Late Renewal Grace Period (additional fee): Day 1-30 after expiration

Late Renewal Period (additional fee): Day 31- one year after expiration.

License                     Renewal Fee     Late Renewal Fee - Grace Period          Late Renewal Fee
Producer                       $60                    $150 ($60 + $90 late fee)                    $180 ($60 + $120 late fee)
Adjuster                        $60                    $150 ($60 + $90 late fee)                    $180 ($60 + $120 late fee)
Consultant                   $100                  $250 ($100 + $150 late fee)                 $300 ($100 + $200 late fee)
Surplus Lines Broker   $200                  $500 ($200 + $300 late fee)              $600 ($200 + $400 late fee)

Fees shown are state fees only. There is an additional $5 that NIPR will charge.

If you are over a year late submitting your continuing education hours, you will have to re-test.

Please visit: New Mexico / Resident Renewal / Individual | NIPR for more fee information.

CE Extentions

Business Entity Renewal:

OSI Website>>> Renewing your business license.

To renew your business license, you'll need to complete your renewal application and pay renewal fees online. Renewal applications are December 1st through February 28th (29th leap year).

A complimentary email reminder is sent from the OSI to the registered email address on record 90 days prior to your license-expiry date. No additional renewal reminders will be sent.

If a license is not renewed by the expiry date, the fee is 150% of the fee otherwise required. It is the responsibility of the licensee to know their license-expiry date. Reminders from the OSI offices are merely a courtesy.

Late renewals are subject to late fees.

To renew, log into and select "Renew License" and complete your online renewal application.

Affiliation Renewals:

Business-entity licensees must renew affiliations as part of their license renewal biannually.

OSI Website>>>  Compliance - Adding and Removing Affiliations

Every year, business entities need to pay a renewal fee for the affiliates that are affiliated under the business entity license. Pursuant to 59A-Article 6(F).

An Affiliate is any individual licensee who represents an agency or acts on its behalf must have their individual license associated with the agency's license by means of affiliation. See Article 12-15 NM Ins Code