Review Exam Outline

Click here to download a copy of the exam content outline for the test you are planning to take.

Use Practice Exams

Whether you are using the Exam Simulator or other tools:

Score an 80% or better.

Take notes while taking the practice exams. Do you understand why you got it wrong?

Time Management

- Don't cram the night before.
- After taking prep class, spend the next 2 to 3 days going over the material.
- Study the most difficult items first (the areas you feel weaker in)
- Get a good night resst the night before and take a mental break on the morning of.

Scratch Paper

When taking the exam, they will give you a peice of scratch paper. Before you start the test, write down everything you can think of - formulas, acronyms, charts - anything you want to make sure you remember.

Read the Full Question

- Focus on the last sentence.
- Break down the question and know what it's asking.
- 1st, read the question. 2nd, read the question again and answer it.
- Weed out extra information.
- Don't sit and think about it for too long - usually, the first answer you chose is the correct one.

Pace Yourself

- Don't race through it.
- Don't spend too long on one question. If you're not sure of an answer, mark it and if you have time at the end of your test, you can go back and review it.
- Get yourself on a nice and steady rhythm.

"Except" Questions

Watch Out for "Except" Questions:

- "Except", "Never" and "Always" - are words that can throw you off.
- All the questions on the exam are multiple choice - if you get stuck, look at your choices and decide which one does not belong.

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