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Big I New Mexico and International Insurance Group, Inc. offers our members a competitively priced, instant-issue auto policy for travel in Mexico. This online service includes autos, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motor homes, boats, watercraft, trailers, home, and condos. IIANM member agencies authorized to sell this insurance can issue these policies in minutes right from their offices or over the phone.

How the Program Works

  • Agents will need to complete a W9 form.
  • Once approved, agents can access quotes and policy forms, and issue policies online.
  • Business is placed directly through International Insurance Group.
  • This Mexico tourist auto insurance is available only online through authorized IIANM agencies.

How to Use the Program

Your clients that are traveling to Mexico requests Mexico tourist auto insurance from your agency. You access the Mexico tourist auto insurance link from the IIANM website to initiate the sale online. (Sale is conducted only online.) With our secure browser, you can get a quote, complete the insurance application, make payments (credit card only) and print the policy including a Declarations Page and Terms & Conditions page. You are not required to maintain files or any pre-printed pages, it is all completed online. After the sale, transaction details are stored online for your review in an easy-to-read format.

For more information or for help with accounting, systems, coverage or claims contact:

Mexico Insurance Professionals: 888-467-4639 or 844-273-5527

Reporting & Tracking

No minimum production quotas are required. The IIANM/Mexico Insurance Professionals system incorporates an excellent back-office accounting process, which enables agencies to track their production at all times. At month-end, a simple online report details total production, premium, commissions earned and commissions due to the agency.

More information:

Mexico Insurance Policy Form

To issue, view, edit or cancel a Production Report, click here.

Mexico Auto Coverage Details (.pdf)

More Info (.pdf)