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About Us:

IIANM connects great ideas and great people. We represent more than 2,000 independent agents in the state of New Mexico. IIANM is the premier source of learning, resources, ideas, and advocacy to enhance the power and performance of our independent insurance agent community.

We believe that our association has the power to truly support our industry and we do this by nurturing a community of really smart, creative, and interesting people - our members!

Sandia Resort & Casino / Albuquerque, NM

October 18 & 19, 2023

Interactive and Fun Environment: We think that business can be both productive AND enjoyable.

Our Trade Show fosters an energetic atmosphere, making the experience FUN for both exhibitors and attendees alike!

If you're interested in exhibiting at our Trade Show, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd be thrilled to have you on board! Feel free to ask any questions or request further information – we're here to assist you in every possible way.

Booth Pricing:

Non-member: $1,500
Member: $1275
Additional Booths: $500

IIANM Associate+ Member: FREE

Got questions? We're here for you!

Rachel Sheffield
cell: 505-350-9928

Your on-sight contact, logistics, event coordinator

Patty Padon

In charge of everything else and all complaints
(just kidding!)

Tentative Agenda (can be subject to change):

When: October 18 & 19, 2023
Where: Sandia Resort & Casino, Albuquerque, NM

Please note: a more detailed agenda will be posted as we get closer to the event. Check back here for updates!



Your booth comes with:
One six-foot black-draped table with two chairs

Booth Electricity: Comes with an extension cord, power strip, and tape down / + $50



  • Please make sure all of your boxes are marked clearly  as indicated below
  • Schedule your freight and boxes to arrive 5 to 7 days prior to October 18.


Name of Exhibitor
Number of Boxes (please note there is a fee per box, see below)
IIANM Convention & Trade Show
October 18 & 19, 2023
Attn: Sandra Pena Lopez

Sandia Resort & Casino
30 Rainbow Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113



Envelopes - $5 each / Small Boxes - $10 each
Medium Boxes - $15 each
Large Boxes - $20 each
Pallets - $100 each

Once you arrive, there will be a Bell Stand that will provide a form requesting the delivery of your packages. This form will include type of payment; number of packages and signature.  This will be handled upon delivery of packages.

As soon as the event is over, leave your box at your booth (returned labeled, boxed, & secured) and the shipping team will do a sweep of the room to pick up and deliver to the shipping/receiving area. YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR SHIPPING CARRIER TO SCHEDULE THE PICKUP FROM THE SANDIA SHIPPING/RECEIVING AREA.


Follow this Sandia Vendor Map to back loading dock area roll up doors.

Once inside the roll up doors, make your way to Ballroom ABC.  Find your booth table.

Please contact Rachel (505) 350-9928 if you need help.


Sandra Pena-Lopez, Convention Services Manager | Hotel Sales, Sandia Resort & Casino, p: 505-798-3911 /

Emails to Attendees
IIANM is pleased to share our attendee list with exhibitors. Most tradeshows don’t allow this anymore, so let’s keep this valuable perk by following a couple of guidelines:

We'll email all exhibitors the list of attendees about three weeks out from the event, then weekly as the event draws near. You will receive a final list of attendees after the Convention as well.
We ask that you do the following (based on the CAN-SPAM Act): Do not add attendees to your electronic mailing list without their permission. And if they request that you do not email them, please don’t!
As an exhibitor of the TradeShow, personal emails to the attendees to invite them for coffee, or to visit your booth, etc., is absolutely fine. Plus, you’ll get a much better response rate if your email is personal!
Please reference the following dates and name of the Convention: IIANM Annual Convention & TradeShow, October 13, 2022, Sandia Resort & Casino

If you are inviting any agents to dinner or late-night affair outside of the official Convention program, we ask that you please plan to do that on either Tuesday or Wednesday night 🙂

Promote the Event on Your Social Media Pages and Website
We thank you in advance for promoting the event. Please use the following link: and the specific name and dates. Also, use the hashtag #WelcometoWonderland and #IIANMTradeShow on any posts before the event plus on-site photos and updates!

Need an IIANM or Convention logo? Email


(All sponsorships can be purchased during the Exhibitor Registration)

    Sponsor the Convention Program booklet with your logo or advertisement displayed on the back cover
    Sponsor the photobooth that comes fully equipped with social media integration, the highest quality instant photos with a luxury backdrop
    Sponsor the DJ that will be entertaining during the Dinner and After Party (Wednesday evening 10/18)
    Set up your table at a one of the holes on the course
    Your logo displayed on each box lunch
    Signage displayed with your logo on cart that will drive around course during the tournament
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Norm Thomas, First Insurance Funding

Tim Parenti, First Insurance Funding

Chris Mitchell, Western States Insurance Group

Mark Menicucci, Menicucci Insurance Agency

Barry Herrero, Sunset Insurance Agency

Andy Roberts, Western States Insurance Group

Mela Martinez, Commercial West Insurance Agency

Liz Harper, Commercial West Insurance Agency

Katie Ferreira, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate

Tonia Mahoney, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate

Ron Slaton, Safeway Insurance Company

Jenn Pete, Safeway Insurance Company

Irma Quiroz, Safeway Insurance Company

Sonia Tamayo, Safeway Insurance Company

Barbara Stierwalt, Berger Briggs Insurance & Risk Solutions, Inc.

Greg Sandoval, Aflac

Laura Mesenbrink, Berkley Management Protection

Drew Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies

Rick Morgan, WAHVE

Randy and Karen Hobbs, Leavell Insurance

Tammy Lamm, OGA / Cannabis Insurance Wholesalers

Layla Pietsch, OGA / Cannabis Insurance Wholesalers

Melissa Carmichael, OGA / Cannabis Insurance Wholesalers

Deborah Onischuk, HUB Southwest

Todd Hassell, Capital Premium Financing

Seth Larsen, Capital Premium Financing

Griffin Janes, Berkley Aspire

Veronica Kuyoth, Berkley Aspire

Emily Mascarenas, HUB International Insurance Services

Cory Heidenberger, Food Industry Self-Insurance Fund Of New Mexico

Paul Valdez, Food Industry Self-Insurance Fund Of New Mexico

Christal Ahmed, Progressive

Jim Atkins, Progressive

Bill Gordon, SIAA

Brian Rector, Imperial Premium Financing

Tom Hill, Equipment Insurance International

Cristi Hill, Equipment Insurance International

Tom White, Equipment Insurance International

Aubree Chavey, Salazar Insurance

Paul Salazar, Salazar Insurance

Crystal Archuleta, Salazar Insurance

Hilton Stout, Builders Trust of New Mexico

Eva Wardyla, Westfield

Heather Angell, Westfield

Jason Malley, Westfield

John Kase, Westfield

Levi Houston, Safeco Insurance

JoCelyn Medina, Liberty Mutual

Tom Dormer, Liberty Mutual

Cesar Varela, Liberty Mutual & Safeco Insurance

Matt Webber, Conifer Insurance Group

Dave Ranes, Johnson & Johnson Insurance

Dan Braude, Johnson & Johnson Insurance

Ben Hopkins, Johnson & Johnson Insurance

Leslie Mcguire, Amwins

Megan Gillespie, Amwins

Felicia Armstrong, Amwins

Larry A. Roe, FUSA

Kat Robinson, FUSA

Lincoln Foster, Kysar Millennium Leavitt Insurance Agency, Inc.

Jordan Eudey, Kysar Millennium Leavitt Insurance Agency, Inc.

Holly Eudey, Kysar Millennium Leavitt Insurance Agency, Inc.

Tram Mascia, STONEMARK, INC.

Shanon Walker, Standard Casualty Company

Mike Baldwin, United Fire Group

Jen Riley, United Fire Group

Regina Webster, Atlas Insurance

Stan Baker, Kysar Millennium Leavitt

Kyle Beckner, General Insurance Agency

Jake Boles, USA Insurance, Inc.

Joseph Menicucci, Downey & Company, Inc.

Matt Hunton, L/P Insurance Services

Kendra Zacharias, Rio Grande Insurance Services of Santa Fe

Heather Fortner, Mountain West Insurance Services

Sarah Stagner, Western States Insurance Group

Anna Whitmire, JS Ward & Son, Inc.

Susan Vance, USI

Samual Smith, HUB Southwest

Mark Menicucci, Menicucci Insurance Agency

Hunter Graham, Mountain States Insurance Group

Julie Decker, Acuity

Jennifer Pleskovitch, Colonial General Insurance Agency

Danielle Dingman, Colonial General Insurance Agency

Phil Nunez, Colonial General Insurance Agency

Ben Wasson, LSR, Inc.

Kris Martin, Travelers Insurance

Nick Wright, Travelers Insurance

Alicia Vargas, Travelers Insurance

Nolan Duda, IdealTraits

Tanisha Madrid, JS Ward & Son, Inc.

Samantha Shearman, JS Ward & Son, Inc.

Todd Milne, McNeil & Co.

Clay Fuchs, Quotewell

David Olague-Love, USI

Robert Chavez, Monte Sol Insurance

Mark McCrary, Glatfelter Public Entities

Peter Clarkson, CRC Group

Hunter Hagan, CRC Group

Julie Smith, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Casey Dove, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Virgina Bro, The Insurance Store

Stacy Bro, The Insurance Store

Josiah Bro, The Insurance Store

Kit Turpen, Berger Briggs Insurance

Ronnie Letcher, JS Ward & Son

Peggy Letcher, Letcher Insurance

Erin Johnson, MHI General Agency

Laurie Hextell, MHI General Agency

Chene' Eaton, beWellnm

Tonya Bruno, beWellnm

Perry Coleman, beWellnm

Jeremy James, National General, an Allstate company

Melanie Brice, National General, an Allstate company

Leah Gentzler, Mountain West Insurance Services

Jennie Alcon, Mountain West Insurance Services

Josh Mintz, Mountain West Insurance Services

Aubre Wells, Mountain West Insurance Services

Marci Fortner, Auto Insurance Plus

Jody Simer, Kysar Millennium Leavitt Insurance Agency

Shawn Gustafson, Risk Strategies Company

Leticia Gabaldon, George Gandy Insurance

Alicia Piedra, George Gandy Insurance

Jesus Mejia, George Gandy Insurance

Christine Montoya, George Gandy Insurance

Christie Flowers, George Gandy Insurance

Joyce Grgurich , Liberty Mutual Insurance

Jorge E. Cacho-Sousa, Mexipass

Rob Golden, Golden Insurance Agency

Cole Golden, Golden Insurance Agency

Brian Sanchez, Brian Sanchez Agency

Brandi Phillips, Brian Sanchez Agency

Matthew Phillips, Brian Sanchez Agency

Sheryl Roy, Berger Briggs Insurance

Kristy Stephens, Hub International

Lori Heckler, Hub International

Benito Ortiz, Strategic Insurance Group

Shelby Church, Markel Specialty

Scott Love, Burns & Wilcox

Colby Ochs, Burns & Wilcox

Tyler Smith, IPFS

Kimberly White, AIS

Melissa Martinez, AIS

Patti Eastman, AIS

Mike Parisi, AIS

Victoria Abeyta-Mancia, AIS

Sarah Davis, Great American Insurance Group

LeeAnn Mohler, Great American Insurance Group

Olivia Stoltenberg, Great American Insurance Group

Jack Milarch, New Mexico License Bonding

Diana Helms, SNAP Insurance

Milo Bustamante, SNAP Insurance

Roberta Turnipseed, Daniels Insurance

Susan Dearborn, LSR

Denise Whitfield, LSR

Stefanie James, Central Insurance

Justin McCarley, Central Insurance

Chris Pacheco, HUB International

Rick Lackey, HUB International

Justin Zoladz, HUB International

Jose Chaparro, HUB International

Stacee Stark, Travelers Insurance

Stacie Irish, Travelers Insurance

Erik Kaufman, Iroquois Southwest

Bob Stallings, Iroquois Southwest

Mark Maldonado, Cress Insurance

Dominic Garcia, Rio Grande Insurance

Michael Masestas, Rio Grande Insurance

Chris Gonzales, Rio Grande Insurance

Julian Garcia, Rio Grande Insurance

Dax Kastrin, Elemental Risk Management

Jakki Swicegood, Insurors Indemnity

Gail Locker, Insurors Indemnity

Keith Yeager, Insurors Indemnity

Tim O'Connor, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate

Jennifer Beck-Herrera, EMC Insurance

Kathleen Temple, EMC Insurance

Travis Stuart, EMC Insurance

Oscar Flores Encarnacion, Markel Group

Cindi Graat, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company

Chris Charles, HCIT

Rick Miller, National General, an Allstate company

Bailey Slater, Liberty Mutual

Michele Toon, Delta Dental New Mexico

Lucille Rowell, Delta Dental New Mexico

Robbin Arellano, Delta Dental New Mexico

Melissa Gonzalez, Delta Dental New Mexico

Manu Kantz, Delta Dental New Mexico

William Ernst, Delta Dental New Mexico

Stephanie Garcia, Delta Dental New Mexico

Claudia Sanchez, New Mexico Mutual

Hailey Johnson, New Mexico Mutual

Dave Sutliff, New Mexico Mutual

Mary Morrison, New Mexico Mutual

Rebecca Martinez, New Mexico Mutual

Kristin Gabaldon, New Mexico Mutual

Marie Eszenyi, New Mexico Mutual

Ernesto Montoya, New Mexico Mutual

Kelly Rawdon, New Mexico Mutual

Diane Duran, New Mexico Mutual

Patrick O'Hara, Jencap Insurance Services

Brennan Olson, Liberty Mutual

Toni Chavez, Union Standard Insurance Company

Lisa Rodriguez, Comparion Insurance

Michael Frye, Comparion Insurance

Jenipher Otero, Comparion Insurance

Cinamon York, Nationwide

Vanessa Villegas, Downey and Company

Terri Ketelsen, Allstar Insurance

Barbara Gandy, George Gendy Insurance

Trevor Whitmire, George Gendy Insurance

Triston Whitmire, George Gendy Insurance

Chad Creamer, Peoples Premium Finance

John Hansen, Berger Briggs Insurance

Greg Tyra, Insurance Del Norte

Damon Lucero, Berger Briggs Insurance

Carol Guerra, Allstar Insurance

Hector Baeza, Leavell Insurance

Maria Baeza, Leavell Insurance

Anthony Baeza, Leavell Insurance

Brennan Olson, Liberty Mutual

Toni Chavez, Union Standard Insurance Company

Greg Gonzalez, Liberty Mutual

Mike Telles, Route 66 Insurance, Inc.

Ed Budanauro, Hallmark Financial

Jesse Wilson, Hallmark Financial

Sunny Murphy, Hallmark Financial

Paul Koebke Barsic, Ringwalt & Liesche

Delilah Padilla, El Valle Insurance

Amber Ortiz, El Valley Insurance

Breanna Lucas, Woods Insurance Services

Tye Bell, Woods Insurance Services Services Services Services Services

Deandra Wiggins, Woods Insurance Services 

Amber Palic, Woods Insurance Services

Lyle Love, Woods Insurance Services

Sam Sapon, Champion Agency, Inc.

Ken Sapon, Champion Agency, Inc.

Vivian Austin, HUB International

Ted Sandoval, Foremost Insurance Group